Business Cards!

I”ve been working with help from my designer Alison on doing some business card”s over the last few weeks.  Should really have had these done age”s ago, but it takes a while to sort thing”s out.

Finally got the design”s all sorted out the way I wanted them and sent them off to get printed at a place that I used once before – They print Business card”s (and lots of other stationary) for quite a reasonable price.

However over the next Please keep our No No Charge policy in mind as well. few days I ran into a few problems with the actual delivery.  Courier companies casino fault, apparently they are so bad that everydayprint are changing companies, this week.  But I just missed getting my order delivered by the new couriers, and get the the idiots.

My initial delivery they mistyped my address (for one that didn”t exist) so they weren”t delivered.  The next attempted delivery the next day, apparently someone had tried to deliver yet they weren”t even able to leave a card (and even though I was at the address the whole day! – Hmm..)

While finally the day after that they turned up, at about 4pm…  So many day”s sitting waiting for the damn deliveries.

See the design”s yourself, and let me know what you think.