Royal Mail are merde

Yes you read that right.  Royal Mail couldn’t deliver their own paychecks. (Well actually they might be able to do that, but they probably would keep your paycheck as well)

When looking into what to package the Christmas Cookies in I came across a company called Boxmart.  They look like they do lots of cool different boxes, some that could be the right size for putting cookies into.  So rang up and got them to send me out a sample.

That was Wednesday.  Nothing had arrived by Friday, or Saturday.  So rang up and got them to post me out a sample again on the Monday.

Also on Monday I found a good tin supplier that was going to be able to send me out some sample products so I could see what they were like.

Nothing Tuesday, Nothing Wednesday.  I phone up the Tin Supplier and find out that the package was posted on Monday night (initially I thought maybe it was posted on Tuesday)

Thursday, nothing in the morning mail drop.  So I phone the Tin guy again to confirm that it was send just via normal Royal Mail.  Yes it was.  So I phone the local Post Office depot.  They “check” and there’s nothing there, told to try phoning ParcelForce (though I’m sure they won’t have it as it wasn’t sent via them).  Phone them (on an 0870 number!), nope nothing there.

Hmm..  I’m starting to wonder who’s stealing all my mail.  When suddenly there’s a buzz.. Royal Mail with a delivery.

I then have three packages – the first one from Boxmart that was send over a week ago, then 2nd one from Boxmart, and the third one from the Tin supplier.   So much for “First class/Next day” mail…
Of course I’m sure my phone call had nothing to do with my mail turning up..  yeah, right.
Well at least now I’ve got a few samples to choose from.

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