Website ordering configuration fun

Well Dan helped sorted out a few problems I was having with the template over the weekend, and I”ve spend the last couple of days battling with a number of different eCommerce applications.  Trying to work out which one would be the simplest and easiest to implement.  After a bit of looking around I”ve gone with Google Checkout.

Still even with Google Checkout while they do make it quite simple for you they almost have two different options, one for the simple stuff you want to do and one for the more complicated integration into eCommerce applications.

Of course the problem is that when your looking through the documentation, sometimes its not all there, or it refers to the more complicated solution when your using the easier one.   Even more fun is when you want to try and use both bits!

Took a while to read through and try a number of the different options that can and can”t be applied.  Had to hunt around the documentation as well to find what code I needed to add in so that I could use the Google test system to go through and check out the complete process without charging something to myself!

For that system you have to register separately, and with a credit card number as well.  After hunting around on the Google documentation site again I found that they have three different test credit card numbers that you can enter, which was good, didn”t casino online want to give my normal credit card details on a test site.  You never know it might accidentally process it!


I wanted to setup the shipping so that if you order one tin there is a basic charge, and each tin after that is a cheaper price (postage is high to begin with but then Online Slots findes i alle afskygninger med fantasifulde og underholdende temaer. a fixed rate after).   However I also wanted to have an option so that if people are ordering five or more tins and they live or work within Zone 1 or 2 in Central London then we would deliver to them.   The first part of this shipping Google calls .  This is easily available in the simple Buy Now type option they give you.

The second part however would be similar to offering an “Instore pickup” (Google do allow you to automatically specify the region in which your free delivery might occur, however this nice bit of code is only available to US customers.. Grr…)  But of course this option means that you use slightly more complicated (HTML API functionaility) code.   However after playing around for this for a while I eventually worked out that I could combine both and it actually seems to work ok.  Great!

Just have to hope that all the shipping information is correct now when it comes through…