Sales.. hmm..

Well I”ve emailed quite a few people that I know regarding my Christmas Cookies.. and had a few orders, but no way near as many as I was hoping for, and none from any workmates of friends..

A lot of people have been surprising quiet about things as well.. Does this mean people didn”t get nederlandsegokken online casino my emails.. or all these people that wanted to be “tasters” of the cookies don”t want to be “buyers”..


I probably will have to go back to IT work in 2009 at this rate.. 🙁

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  1. Well, it’s gonna take time fella, you can’t just expect it to suddenly deliver millions.

    How does the price point stack up compared with other brands? Have you pushed promotion of the website as far afield as you can? Is it linked to other websites? Does it pop up on google when you search for cookies? Have you thought about taking a bunch of nibble sized samples and hitting up business people on the busy main streets of London? How about making a facebook group up for it and then inviting all your friends on there to join it? Have you hit up the NZ High Commission? What about sending them a free tin for morning tea and play the ‘I’m a kiwi trying to push the NZ image’ card? What about an ad in the local kiwi newspaper (can’t remember its name) and getting them to buy some?

    Incidentally, how many cookies do you get in a tin? This isn’t mentioned on the website. If it depends on the size of the cookies what’s a good approximation or full tin weight?

    Promote, push, publicise… get your product out there, don’t wait for people to come to you.

  2. Oops.. noticed you do have the weight, so forget that comment. What about the amount though?

    And, I hate to say it, but do the cookies stack up? Have you tried getting someone independent from you to taste them? Maybe you should do a taste test to see what people really think (friends are pretty useless as they will almost always comment favorably).

    Sorry, end of my two and a half cents…

  3. Well I can expect it to deliver more than it has so far, though of course this stupid Credit Crunch thing really is one of the worst times to start a business… maybe.

    Price point is more than I would like it be, and a number of people do think it’s expensive, but it’s all handmade, just the tin alone cost quite a reasonable amount as I’m not getting 1000’s of them!

    Saying that as well it does match similar price points at a place like Harrods. This is only shortbread, same quantity and the same price. I bet it doesn’t have anywhere near the same type of good ingredients that I’m putting in my cookies.

    I’ve tried pushing the promotion of the website quite a reasonable amount, but a number of people are surprising quiet at saying anything. As I said lots are happy to be a “taster”..

    Done the Facebook group… Mmm, going to try a freebie London Newspaper hopefully today and see how that goes (though they get 800 emails a day from people trying to get something in their paper so could be a bit hard)

    Yep, it depends on the flavour you order and how I make them, they are handmade remember!

    Mmm, I know.. Well I think the cookies do taste pretty good, but your right I haven’t had too many independent viewpoints on them.

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