Baker progress

We here have been having a bit of a lazy time over January, not much progress being made over that time, who know”s where the time goes to sometimes!

However back into action and making progress now.    Got back into contact with a couple of companies that I talked to back in December, but they said they were too busy to do anything.   One of them said they might be able to help provide a list of other bakers that would be able to help me instead.

I never heard anything from back in December (some of the directors were going to get in contact with me, but none did), so I followed up to find out what happened, and one of the helpful people there sent me a list casino online of other places that they found on the internet.

From that I followed up and tried a few companies there, but not much luck.   I went back to some previous brochures and contacts that I had, and tried a couple there.

Finally I talked to one helpful baker that does a reasonable amount of baking (they have 8 ovens!) and he”s willing to work with me on the product.   So I sent through my recipes and some photos of what the cookies currently look like.   They have the time to work on/look at this now as it”s January and a bit of a quieter time for them.  The baker is going to try some of the recipes and see how they go.    Progress!