After trying out the recipes and the a few conversations with the baker he posted down a box of samples for me to check out.

They turned up today!  Out of the three recipes, the White Choc and Cranberry one was great and just how it should be.  The Golden Oat one was down in two different types Bicarb/Water version, and one without.   The one without tasted the closest to what I”m trying to nbso online casino achieve.   Also the chocolate chip one was sent down, but it seemed too undercooked.

Takes a while to sort out Donate NowCitizen san diego driving school is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. the oven temperatures and times and relate it back to the recipe your doing.  Each oven seems quite different and takes a bit of getting used to, as well as having someone else make the ingredients for me!

But the Mighty Moa is getting there..

Sample box of cookies
Sample box of cookies