Mighty Moa killer predator confirmed

New Zealand Maori legend of a giant killer bird has recently been confirmed by scientists.   This bird known For further information, please visit: Ticket Dismissal Traffic dmv driving test can also be used to dismiss a traffic ticket. as the Haast Eagle was the worlds largest bird, and also the main predator of the […]


Well it’s ANZAC Day on Saturday.   For those UK people who aren’t sure what this is, the short version is that it’s the New Zealand and Australian version of Remeberance Day, while the long version can be checked out here on Wikipedia. Last year the boss actually went to Turkey for the Dawn Service on […]

Cafe hunting

So went out an expedition today to go around a number of cafes all over London. Some local to me, a base of operations near Park Royal and then another couple in the Soho area to drop off samples and see who was interested in stocking the Mighty Moa cookies. I”ve had one cafe casino […]

Waitangi Day Celebrations

Happy Waitangi Day to all you Kiwi”s and Non-Kiwis out there.. In celebration of this day tomorrow the crew from Mighty Moa will be These withdrawals online slots usually start after 48 hours and sometimes can last up to an entire week, so home Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program is highly recommended heroin […]


After trying out the recipes and the a few conversations with the baker he posted down a box of samples for me to check out. They turned up today!  Out of the three recipes, the White Choc and Cranberry one was great and just how it should be.  The Golden Oat one was down in […]

Baker progress

We here have been having a bit of a lazy time over January, not much progress being made over that time, who know”s where the time goes to sometimes! However back into action and making progress now.    Got back into contact with a couple of companies that I talked to back in December, but they […]

Trademark approved!

Well it’s been a number of months since I put it in, and I got a letter the other day from the Trade Marks Registry and my trademark has been approved!  Yah! This means I can now put the small R (®) in a circle beside all the words – “Mighty Moa”®