Christmas Cookies and the packaging

I”ve decided with Christmas fast approaching to refocus the cookie idea and go for Christmas cookie”s that are smaller than the normal Mighty Moa sized cookies, more of a Mini Moa Christmas Cookie Collection. So because they are smaller I can put a number of them together in some nice packaging and sell them as […]

First Greenwich Market

Seeing i’ve got a massive batch of cookies, I now want to try and sell them!   To see what people think of them in person I’ve decided to go to a market and try selling some there.   Took a train down to Greenwich Market. I had called up a few days earlier and spoke to […]

London Bakery

Well today I went back over to the London Bread and Bake Company to make a massive batch of cookies.  The guy”s there helped me out a bit, but not heaps.   I had to scale up all the ingredients so instead of measuring out in grams I was measuring in kilograms!  Used up two kilograms […]

Speciality and Fine Food Fair

As previously suggested I went along to the Speciality and Fine Food Fair today, it sure was very interesting. Saw a number of well packaged and very tasty foods available there. (Not for sale though, but lots of free samples which was great!) Lots of different types of foods there, ranging from tasty lemonade, natural […]

Trying to find Suppliers!?

It”s now a matter of ideally finding a supplier that can help make the cookies for me.  However it doesn”t seem like an easy place to start.  I rang up and spoke briefly to the nice people at Dough Dough (Muffin makers), as they get someone else to make their muffins as well.  They said […]

Business Plan

Finally got around to finishing the (draft) version of my Business Plan. I modelled it on the basic’s of the business plan used by Coffee Republic.  They put out a great book about starting a business called “Anyone can do It”.  I recommend you get it and have a read if your thinking starting a […]

Mighty Moa kicks off

Hey there, and Welcome to the Mighty Moa story, here I”m hoping to posts the ups and downs (though I hope there won”t be many of those) of getting a business off and started in the UK. If you look at the earlier posts you casino can see some background back story..  and also realised […]