Supermarkets and Christmas

Supermarkets sure do have to prepare a lot for Christmas.. That sure is a lot of food, booze, and turkeys they have to deliver.. It”s a good thing that I”m not in the supermarket business, see the mass amount of planning casino online and shipping that”s involved.    Though if I was supplying the supermarkets I”m […]

The websites lives!

After a bit more tweaking, fixing, and overview from friends (that spotted some areas that could be made a bit clearer).. the website is finally officially live! I feel like I should be having a party, but not quite yet. Have to see online casino how many orders I have to fulfil first, but go […]

Website ordering configuration fun

Well Dan helped sorted out a few problems I was having with the template over the weekend, and I”ve spend the last couple of days battling with a number of different eCommerce applications.  Trying to work out which one would be the simplest and easiest to implement.  After a bit of looking around I”ve gone […]

The tins arrive..

After a bit of thought, calculations, and numerous visits to lots of different shops, and websites, I decided to go with some nice round metal tins from The Box b.v. I had to order a minimum $ quantity, and they only come in boxes of 6..  so had to work out how many I should […]

White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies

Decided to try making another variety today, previously had some details on a white chocolate and cranberry cookie.  So went off to the supermarket and brought all the required ingredients to give it a go with. Different type of sugar in this batch, and the cranberries that I ended up finding (and buying) come coated […]

Website changes

An old workmate of mine, Dan, kindly offered to help me with the website setup for the Mighty Moa Cookies.  So I sent him over some of the designs and colour schemes that I’ve been working with already and he’s been able to implement it into WordPress really nicely. So what you are seeing at […]

Business Cards!

I”ve been working with help from my designer Alison on doing some business card”s over the last few weeks.  Should really have had these done age”s ago, but it takes a while to sort thing”s out. Finally got the design”s all sorted out the way I wanted them and sent them off to get printed […]