Hmm, I feel a bit like i”m in a chapter from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..

Obviously the product that i”m doing will require a label.. and to make sure I don”t fall foul of the law I want the label to have the correct required information..

However, call the Trading Standards Government number, and they tell you to call your local council.  Yes apparently the local council deal with things like this, and no it”s not the council where you make your product, or even where you sell your product, but its the council where you live.

You call the council and they say you need to look at the actual online slots law regulations.. they can only give general information about what you should put on… However if you get the information wrong then they will be the ones that sue you for getting it wrong!  But of course they won”t tell you how to get it right!?

They do recommend another private company that can tell me what I should put on the label, and they will confirm that it”s right, however they will charge me 100 pounds for that privledge.. hmm..  Something smells fishy here, and it”s not just the fish in my freezer.

Domain Name

Well after hunting around a few different registration providers, it looked like 123-reg were the cheapest (and hopefully the best).

Then I had to check if my domain name existed.. Hmm, of course it didn’t.  Most of the main addresses were all taken (which was half expected as it is a short name).  Quite funny seeing what some of the other links went to.. a couple of them were to actual real sites, one of them was even for a tribute band.   🙂

 Eventually though found that the was available so went for that one (I’ll let you know the name once I’ve got the trademark approved)

Step 2 – Register a domain name

Update: August 2008 – Well in the end the domain name that I originally chose was ok, but I decided to change the name of the product.   It was going to be The Big O.  But after looking into trademark details there was already another company with a trademark which was in the same “class” of goods that I wanted to be.   They are an Olive company, and even had an appearance on the Dragon’s Den.   So a bit too much of a similar name clash there, and potential for problem.    Also after doing more market research I found that one of my backup names was more popular.

The start

Well I thought a good way to write about the business and keep me motivated so I can see some progress is to write about it..

 Step 1 done then – Setup a blog